OCTOBER - 2019

Depart to Brazil September 29, 2019 – Return to Country of Origin October 6, 2019 | Arriving in Brazil September 30th

Come and join us as we travel to Brasilia, Brazil. You will be equipped by leaders that God is using in a tremendous way around the world. Here are some of the speakers that will be sharing on this trip: Lance Wallnau, Stacey Campbell, Patricia King, Kelry Green, Jb Carvalho, Dirce Carvalho and many others.

You will enjoy the Brazilian culture, which is very warm and known for its passionate praise. Many people who come have a life-changing transformation and are activated to transform their own world. If you want to see how God is transforming nations, come with us and you will see Brazil, which we believe is a prototype of the transformation that God has begun to release on the earth. You will be taught about transformation and how to bring solutions to your own spheres of society.

All are invited, so don’t miss this opportunity to be an instrument of transformation to the world around you and be activated by the transformational power of God. You will never be the same!

This trip will be led by Stacey Campbell, Kelry Green and a passionate team of Brazilian leaders.

September 29-October 6, 2019

August 30th, 2019

$1500 USD*

*Cost includes lodging for double occupancy, ground transportation, food, and registration for the Transformation School. This price does not include visa costs (required for each person attending), trip travel insurance, or flight costs. You will be flying into the Brasilia International Airport (BSB). If you prefer single occupancy, the cost will increase.

For this trip, we will have comfortable accommodations in 4 or 5 Star hotels that meet western standards. The facilities have internet and many amenities, including pools.

1 – Apply for the Trip
Open the application, fill it out, submit it along with a scan of your passport to missions@gtransformation.org. Once you send in your application, submit your $35 non-refundable application fee, for first time attendees. If you are returning, the fee is $25. If this is not your first time, please email globaltransformationusa@gmail.com. Returning attendees do not need to go through the whole application process again, but we will walk you through the process once we hear from you.

2 – Once Approved, Submit Your Deposit
We will notify you of your approval via email. Upon approval, your non-refundable deposit $350 is due. Your deposit will be deducted from the total trip cost.

The key is to get your ticket reservation purchased. Airfare is approximately $800 and $1,500 (varying by departure city and how soon buy your ticket). You will be flying into the Brasilia International Airport (BSB). The remaining trip cost will be due by August 29, 2019 before the departure date. Once you are registered, you will receive emails with details of what to bring and how to prepare for the trip.

Good News!! Update on Visas! For those who are going to Brazil with us, an executive order was issued by President Jair Bolsonaro and going into effect on June 17, 2019. Visas are no longer needed for citizens United States, Australia, Canada and Japan. If you are joining us from these countries, a visa for Brazil is no longer required.

PLEASE NOTE: If you a not a citizen of one of the countries above, a tourist VISA is still needed.