Applications for the 2023-2025 Emmaus-Online Cohort are now being accepted.

"Take care how you listen."

– The words of Jesus to his disciples, Luke 8

Emmaus is a place, an environment, a culture where spiritual growth occurs. Together we are learning disciplines, habits and rhythms that give honor and time to the consistent, incremental, hidden working of the Holy Spirit. In Emmaus, we are learning to listen with care; to listen deeply to the Word of God and to the voice of Jesus in our midst. We are learning to pay attention to one another and to the stirrings of our own hearts.

The equipping of leaders that we do during the Emmaus Certificate in Formational Leadership cannot be done in a hurried fashion. This task requires a drawing apart from the normal pressures of life and ministry. It requires discerning what to look and listen for, while discovering how to pay attention more deeply to the works and ways of God.

Emmaus is not the kind of certificate program that ends with files of notes. It is not for those who simply need more information (important though that may be in its own place). Our program is designed around the spiritual development and growth toward maturity in Christ of our participants. It is for leaders who recognize their own need for growth in the Lord as they desire to lead others on a similar journey.

Is Emmaus right for me?

Emmaus is for all those…

  • Who want to learn more about Biblical spiritual formation and how it is relevant for the Church today
  • Who long to discern the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in their own heart and life
  • Who desire to experience how the children of God mature into the likeness of Jesus
  • Who are tasked with  the soul care of others
  • Who have a calling and a desire to be entrusted with the spiritual development of believers
  • Who are accompanying someone on their spiritual formation journey

The Emmaus Certificate Program Includes:


Participants gather for six online retreats over two years


One-on-one mentoring/spiritual companioning and community-based learning with ministry peers


Spiritually formative leadership curricula; reading and assignments for personal enrichment and leadership development


Unhurried, reflective, and contemplative settings support Spirit- empowered renewal

In Emmaus, new leaders are formed.
Experienced leaders are transformed.

"The Emmaus experience reminded me after almost 30 years of ministry that maintaining spiritual disciplines is not need a band of brothers and sisters who are engaged in the same journey. This journey has provided me with wise counsel, spiritual healing, and inspiration for continued ministry. I would strongly advise any spiritual leader who wants to finish well in his or her calling to be a servant of Jesus to consider being a part of the Emmaus journey."
— Tim, Pastor

Sarah's Emmaus Experience

Each retreat provides a spiritually enriching environment for ongoing encouragement and growth in the spiritual life, in discernment, and renewal.

What is Formational Leadership?

Formational Leadership involves accompanying people in the process of being spiritually formed in and by the Holy Spirit. It requires a way of being present and attentively attuned to the actual work of God in the soul, and learning to cooperate in that work as it is taking place in real time.

Listening (rather than telling) is the primary leadership posture; discernment (rather than taking charge) is the dynamic in the leader’s role. The fruit of this disciplined and mature leadership presence is the formation of persons and communities of grace, humility, compassion who increasingly yearn after God and hunger and thirst for righteousness. These are people who are open-handed and open-hearted, who are in possession of a capacity for unity amidst diversity, for mercy in judgment, for tenderness with the weary. They are learning to abide in Christ, to walk by the Spirit, to love God with all their heart, mind and soul, and to love their neighbors as themselves.

Watch the below webinar recording, “Servant, Steward, Shepherd: Learning to Lead Like Jesus“, for a panel discussion from Emmaus faculty on what Formational Leadership looks like:

We would be delighted to help you explore if Emmaus is right for you. Please contact Jeremy Stefano at if you have any questions or need assistance in the application process.

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Jeremy Stefano

Director of Emmaus, Director of Abide, Selah Faculty-at-Large, & Minister of Spiritual Formation

Jeremy offers spiritual direction, leads retreats, teaches on spiritual formation topics and serves as the director of Emmaus, a Certificate Program in Formational Leadership, and Abide, a Certificate Program in Spiritual Formation. He also works with students of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary at the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building. The heartbeat of Jeremy’s calling is to encourage Christian leaders in the cultivation of their relationship with God. He has served various churches as pastor and interim pastor. He and Bethany, his wife of 32 years, have been blessed with eight children and three grandchildren. They make their home in Massachusetts. He has a Licentiate in Theology from the Cape Town Baptist Seminary in South Africa, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Regent College in Canada and a D.Min. in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary in Portland, OR. “Friendships have been a source of grace in my life. It is a gift to serve in LTI alongside those who value the priority of rich and enduring relationships with each other.

Articles by Jeremy Stefano

Steve Macchia

Founder & President

Steve is a graduate of Northwestern College (IA) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.). His prior ministry includes serving on the pastoral staff at Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA) and as president of Vision New England. Since July 1, 2003 Steve has served as founder and president of Leadership Transformations, director of the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building, and adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Ministry department at Gordon-Conwell. He is the author of sixteen books, including The Discerning Life (Zondervan Reflective),  Baker bestseller Becoming a Healthy Church, and Crafting a Rule of Life (IVP). He lives in the Boston area with his wife Ruth and is the proud father of two grown children, Rebekah and Nathan, daughter in-love Ashley, and papa to his beloved granddaughter, Brenna Lynn and twin grandsons, Aiden Joseph and Carson Stephen. “My soul comes alive singing the great hymns of the church and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. I’m in awe of God for fulfilling the dream for LTI that he birthed in my heart, for the team he has assembled, and the transformational impact experienced in the leaders and teams we serve.

Detailed Biography
Articles by Stephen Macchia
Author Website
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David Wu

Selah Senior Faculty, Emmaus Faculty

David serves as Senior Faculty of Selah, LTI’s Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, and Emmaus, LTI’s Certificate Program in Formational Leadership. He is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.,’11) and Selah. Prior to his ministry with LTI, David was involved with overseas missions in East Asia, church planting, and pastoral ministry in the local church. David is passionate about creating prayerful and hospitable space for others to listen to God, whether through leading worship corporately, facilitating soul care retreats, or one-on-one spiritual direction. For fun, David enjoys long hikes, playing the guitar, gluten-free cooking, and pulling weeds. David and his wife and three kids make their home in Sugar Land, Texas. “I first encountered LTI at a soul care retreat during a very low point in my life and ministry. LTI was my spiritual paramedic at just the right time. Today I am so grateful to serve with this incredible team of loving and compassionate soul care-givers.

Jovin Adjeitey

Jovin Adjeitey

Emmaus-Online & Selah-East

Jovin is from Ghana, West Africa and serves in ministry with InterVarsity in the Red River Region (TX, OK, AR, LA). Though her master’s degree (University of Houston) is in Hospitality, things took a turn when the Lord led her in a different kind of hospitality than expected. She cares deeply about serving the nations here in America. It has been a thrilling journey as she lives in a different culture (USA) and serve many cultures. She spends her workdays now serving in the area of Spiritual Formation and Prayer and delights to lead others to experience God’s life-changing love and power through the ministries of prayer, the Word, and attentive listening. She trained as a Spiritual Director through Leadership Transformations’ Selah Certificate Program. For fun, she enjoys a good cup of tea and loves to express hospitality through cooking for others. “The ministry of LTI was meaningful to me during a Kairos moment in my life. I am blessed to serve with this remarkable team.

Beverly Byron


Beverly was born and raised in Boston, MA. After graduating from Cornell
University she earned a Master of Social Work Degree from Atlanta University. Her
spiritual foundation was shaped at Twelfth Baptist Church where she was a lay
member of the ministerial staff and was involved in and/or led many ministries
including teaching all ages, counseling team, short term missions trips, evangelism,
and discipleship. Her spiritual growth was also influenced by Inter Varsity Christian
Fellowship, CRU, Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Destiny ’87, and Ambassadors
Fellowship. She is involved in the evangelism and prayer ministry of the church she
attends in Roslindale. She is the proud mother of a young adult daughter who is an
entrepreneur, radio broadcaster, youth pastor and social worker. Beverly enjoys
crocheting, reading and spending time with family. She delights in creatively
sharing God’s love, encouraging people to have an intimate relationship with God
and with people. “LTI has had a significant and lasting impact on my spiritual
life through the intentional time of retreat, refreshing, renewal, revival, reflection
and rest at the Emmaus experience.

Beth Case


Beth is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, the University of Illinois-Chicago, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She serves as Pastor for Caring Ministries at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. She grew up in the midwest as one of four daughters of a pastor and a stay-at-home mom. Beth spent a few years coaching college women’s basketball before her God-given passion for people led her into full-time ministry. She has served in children’s, student, and music ministries, as well as in discipleship, teaching, and compassionate care. Beth earned her certificate in spiritual direction through Selah. It is her heart to companion others as they notice the nurturing nearness of God and pay attention to God-paced rhythms for life-long ministry. Beth loves to be outdoors and active. She marvels at God’s artistry in creation, God’s grace throughout history, and God’s beauty in each person. Journeying with God is pure adventure!  “I encountered LTi through Pierce Discipleship during seminary. I experienced God’s healing through the soul-level companionship of Pierce fellows and a deeper awareness of our always-present God.” 

Dan DeRoche

Emmaus Faculty

Dan enjoys being the senior pastor at Crossview Church in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. He has 25 years ministry experience which includes serving as a missionary in Lisbon, Portugal. He loves encountering God, getting lost in His wonder, and introducing others to Jesus. Prior to ministry, Dan served in the United States Air Force and is a war veteran. He has a bachelor’s degree from Judson University, a master’s degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and is ordained in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). He is married to the love of his life, Pam, and they have two adult children. Dan enjoys hanging out with his family, reading, golfing, coffee
conversations, and going for walks in nature. He is a dog lover and has a pug named Theo. “As a pastor, I heard of this idea of ministering out of the overflow of what God is doing in your own heart, but I never really experienced that as a regular practice until I enrolled in the Emmaus program. There I learned spiritual formation practices like noticing God’s presence, being more attentive to my soul, responding to God’s invitations, and remembering that I am dearly loved by God. I am grateful for LTI, and I am excited to walk with friends on the Emmaus journey.

Gary Franklin

Emmaus Faculty

Gary Franklin has been a pastor since 1980. Today he serves as the teaching and vision pastor for Grace Church in Fayetteville, Georgia. He’s been in this role since 2007. He also served as the pastor of the same Grace Church in 1990’s.  He also serves as the Founder/President of The Leader’s Heart, Inc. which is a non-profit through which he provides spiritual friendship and direction to ministry and marketplace leaders.

Gary has been married to Verna for 44 years. They have three grown children and four grandchildren with a fifth arriving later in 2022.

Gary has a passion for spiritual formation which was awakened in 2005. It changed his spiritual journey and his pastoral ministry. “I’ve been part of two Emmaus communities and enjoyed privilege of sharing those experiences with members of my church staff. The rhythm of community with other leaders has been enriching and centering.

Gayle Heaslip

Gayle Heaslip

Spiritual Formation Associate, Abide Faculty, & Selah Faculty

Gayle Heaslip has a degree in counseling from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and having completed Selah’s spiritual direction training program, she is drawn to walk alongside others as they grow into the fullness of life the Lord supplies through both trials and triumphs. In addition to working with LTI and offering spiritual direction to individuals and groups, she is a priest in the Anglican Church of North America, serving a missional fellowship in Falmouth. Gayle delights in the ever-changing beauty of Cape Cod where she lives with her husband and close to their three grown children and eight grandchildren. Good books and conversation, hiking, writing and photography, and time alone to ponder are God’s gracious gifts to her. “I have been deeply formed over many years through LTI within its listening, companioning community, and I’m honored to walk with others in the Emmaus and Selah programs as we become more attentive and responsive to God’s presence.

Marcos Leon

Emmaus-Online Faculty, Abide Faculty, & Selah-West Faculty

Marcos has served as a Team Leader for Faithwalking since 2007. He facilitates and coaches the Faithwalking curriculum in English and Spanish, leads the communications team, and oversees the training for coaches. Marcos is also part of the Emmaus Online faculty team at LTI. Additionally he serves as a counselor and has a passion for spiritual direction. Marcos was born and grew up in Ecuador, but now lives north of Houston in Porter, TX with his wife Julie and four children. He loves nature, good stories, and road trips with family. His education includes a Masters in Hotel Administration in Spain and a Masters in Counseling from Houston Graduate School of Theology. He also received his training on the Enneagram from Crosspoint Ministry and is a graduate of LTI’s Selah program. “Selah facilitates an encounter with God. The integration of a solid biblical foundation in the teaching, the humble spaciousness of the discipline of silence, and the faith-filled loving attitude of the leaders invites the soul to listen to the Spirit of the Living God.

Suz Skinner

Suz Skinner

Emmaus Faculty, Abide Faculty, & Spiritual Formation Associate

Suz received her degree in Art Education from Pennsylvania State University, received theological education from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary through CCO and IVCF campus ministries, and completed the Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction. After serving in campus ministry, Suz has also served on church staff teams, in both youth ministry and adult discipleship ministry. In addition, Suz has worked as a visual arts instructor, for over two decades. Currently, Suz serves LTI at the Pierce Center for Disciple-Building at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and on the faculty team for the Emmaus: Certificate in Formational Leadership. As both an artist and a spiritual director, Suz offers creative soul care and spiritual direction in her art studio. Five clever grandkids, along with their loving parents, continually bless Suz and her husband, Joel. Suz loves to fill her kitchen with friends and good conversation and is always refreshed by an oceanside walk. “God continues to use the grace-filled people and the attentive spaciousness of LTI to shape me for Christ’s Kingdom.